Casa Particular Food

The best food is to be found in a Casa Particular or in a Paladar.  However, the cheapest legal way of getting a decent meal is by eating in a casa particular. This is generally of excellent quality in plentiful, even vast, proportions, with the advantage that they will cook whatever you want. You can negotiate a package of dinner, bed and breakfast which can give good value.
While quality and style of cooking naturally varies, as a general rule you will get fresher food in a casa particular than you will in a restaurant or paladar, both of which now have the reputation of recycling meals and reheating leftovers.
In a Casa Particular, you can expect to pay about 3 CUC each for a breakfast and between 8-12 CUC for main meal (but the size will be much bigger than in a restaurant and far better in most cases).