Booking Havana and being careful with some things in Cuba 0

About Cuban Tourists Scams

Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world to live and for everyone who visits us. However, it doesn’t mean that there is no stain. If you want to make a booking Havana offers a lot of possibilities, but be careful with illegal houses; it is highly punishable by law. Making you book one of these illegal houses is just one of the scams that you can suffer in Cuba. That’s why we want to alert you about some situations that may arise during your trip.


la habana 2If you google Hostal Casa Cuba you will get many options along the island but be careful with illegal accommodations. Safety in  these houses is not guaranteed and you could be scammed or robbed.

On the other hand, although in Cuba you can wander the streets and neighborhoods even late at night with no fear, you have to be alert in every moment because there are unscrupulous people, who will try to get some benefit from you, especially if you are confident. Don’t tempt potential criminals: don´t hang your photo or video camera at night on your arm or neck, as well as valuable collars or jewelry that attract attention. Don’t  carry purses in your hand and always be very careful with your wallet or backpack because you could be the victim of a snatcher.

taxi 4Taxi drivers and their friends…

How many times have we heard anecdotes from tourists who have been scammed by taxi drivers in Cuba?

When Booking Havana accommodations always keep in mind that some taxi drivers may try to scam you and get you to another casa particular. They could tell you that the casa  particular you have booked in advance is facing problems, with the purpose of trying to take you to another accommodation, many times illegal, where they will receive a commission or to benefit from it. Some very smart taxi drivers  will even try to persuade you that this new lodging is the one you booked, but had changed the name at the front door.

If you are thinking about booking Havana private houses, do it in advance, and also the taxi service through a booking website such as This way, you won’t suffer any inconvenience.

Habanos cigars…?

tabacos cubanos Walking down Cuban streets, you can meet some people, who, nicely, offer good Cuban cigars with very good quality and prices. In this case go away and do not let yourself be tempted! These cigars would not be authentic. If you really want to buy the real Habano, we recommend buying it at official and duly announced stores as “La Casa del Habano”, besides receiving the respective receipt.

comidas cubanas


While walking the streets of any Cuban city you will want to taste some traditional dish in one of the many restaurants existing here.

Meat pork, fish, lobster, “congri” (rice and beans) are some of the dishes you should try. But do not go to a restaurant that some stranger on the street try to offer. Why? Surely the owners of the restaurant will pay him a commission for having taken you there, and they will adulterate the prices to charge it to you. So ask for recommendations at your accommodation or over the Internet.

Ask the price first…

Whenever you go to a restaurant, to a bar, or taking a taxi on the street, ask first how much they will charge you.

monedas cubanasdinero 2Every foreign visitor desires to know cities and towns, or have delicious meals. But, if you don´t know yet those places or services, make sure in advance that you will pay the right price at the end. That’s because some unscrupulous people, will try to charge you a huge  amount of money for a simple service. To avoid inconveniences and bad feelings, inquire first and consume later if you agree.

Very friendly people…?

amigos-cubanos-riendo-calleCuban people is very nice and friendly, but on the streets you can find some of them very friendly, “coincidentally” too friendly just with tourists. They will ask you after a few minutes, for some money, or an invitation to eat or have a drink. They also will give you a lot of information about Cuba -sometimes incorrect information-,  whether you are interested or not.

Perhaps you are tempted to continue talking but keep in mind that at the end of the day you will realize that those people are just trying to take advantage of this “friendship”. Believe us, the best thing is not to let him scam you. Go away.

Asking for milk…?

namDuring your trip maybe you meet some very young girls, even with a child in her arms who will ask you for help.

They won’t ask for money, they are really professionals in the art of deception. You may be asked to buy some milk for her little baby. Perhaps you grieve for this situation, but you should not. Those girls will sell the milk again at a lower price than in the store because it cost her nothing and she will repeat the trick with the next friendly tourist.

So, don’t be a fool. Cuban government guarantees milk to all children up to seven years old and also milk is offered at lunch and snacks on Kindergartens and daycare centers. Lunch is also guaranteed in elementary schools. To ask for food on the streets is, in general, a ruse that appeals to the good heart of people.

Cheap services for you…?

On the streets you will be able to contemplate merchants and sellers in full labor who “tout” their products loudly. Nowadays this is already part of the Cuban way of life.

vendedor ambulanteHowever, you can also find other kind of “sellers” that will offer you some services, or even girls or boys. In the best of the cases they only expect to receive commissions for these services, but in the worst, they could involve you in some illegal situation. Some of these “sellers” will offer “ cheap accommodation Cuba ” . This is just a way to offer you an illegal house.

So please, just go away and decline the offers. Be specially alert and away from those people that offer sex, because in Cuba, procuring and sex business are punishable by law.

In summary

Always ask your hosts for suggestions of casas particulares. They can offer cheap hotels Cuba Havana specially has a lot of them. Be careful all the time and watch any situation that you could find. Remember that your goal is to have fun and know more about this beautiful country and its people. Enjoy your trip and stay away from what look nasty!