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Cuba hostels are a wonderful choice to stay during your trip to this island. As in most of the countries, the capital is usually the place where most visitors are welcome every year, either for the social, cultural, industrial or tourist development which is higher than other cities. That is why Havana has become the most visited city in Cuba.

There are a lot of Cuba hotels and other attractions like restaurants, bars, night centers, and more. In Havana, specifically in Old Havana neighborhood, there are several tourist attractions such as the Capitolio Nacional, Paseo del Prado Avenue, the famous La Bodeguita del Medio and El Floridita restaurants, and many  others. There are also several fortifications of the colonial period, as well as ancient squares such as the Cathedral and the San Francisco de Asis squares, Plaza de Armas and Plazuela del Angel.

There are a lot of places to stay in Havana Cuba.  Besides Old Havana, Vedado neighborhood and Havana Center are excellent areas to visit and stay, the first one more quiet and contemporary and the second one more central and folkloric.

In Havana there are many and diverse accommodation options. If you prefer a Cuban family casa particular we suggest La Casa del Chef (Rolando y Marisol) in Old Havana. There, besides feeling like family, you can enjoy an exquisite variety of typical dishes prepared by a true Cuban chef.

If, however, you prefer a separate apartment where you can have complete independence during your stay and at the same time being very close to the main tourist attractions you can stay in any Casa Particular Havana.


 It is another important tourist place because it has one of the most beautiful beaches in the island and, according to many visitors and experts, the most beautiful in the whole world. The water is very transparent and its sands are extremely fine, which have given this place international fame.

Booking Varadero will be awesome for you. To be near the sea and also feel like family, a good accommodation is Casa Mily y Orlando. This casa particular, shared with the Cuban family, also has one of the rooms with a private entrance and cooking facilities.


There are many things to do in Trinidad Cuba. It is a living colonial city. In this place you could feel that you have traveled to the past, because the streets and buildings preserve the architecture of the 15th or 16th centuries. The city was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In Trinidad city most of the tourist attractions are located around the Plaza Mayor. Casa Blue Media Luna is a very good casa particular in this historic center. The host is excellent and offers a careful attention to its guests, in a semicolonial environment.


It is one of the most beautiful, clean and quiet Cuban cities. It has beautiful tourist landscapes and the friendliness of its people is evident. Walking on Paseo del Prado Avenue you can feel the fresh air of the bay. It also has several historical and cultural sites that deserve to be discovered and visited, including the famous Castillo de Jagua.

Cuba hostels are very familiar and warm. In all the country is like that, but in Cienfuegos is even more. The most visited area of this city is the colonial center where a really beautiful accommodation is located: Casa Ines Maria. Its spaces are light and airy, rooms have balconies overlooking the city and they have recently conditioned a comfortable rooftop terrace overlooking the Bay of Cienfuegos.

Santiago de Cuba

A place full of history, cradle of many patriots of Cuban independence wars. There are particularly famous streets such as Padre Pico, with its popular staircase and Enramadas street, where the popular culture surrounding the visitor as he walks toward the recently inaugurated promenade. Another famous place in Santiago is La Caridad del Cobre Church with its beauty and Cuban spirit that make it worth visiting.

Being one of the first towns founded in Cuba, it also has a preserved colonial center. There is located Casa Colonial Tania, which preserves the original architecture in most the house.

Santa Clara

 In this city you can find the museum and memorial dedicated to Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who liberated the city from the tyrant government in 1958, shortly before the triumph of the Cuban Revolution. It is a city full of culture and musicality.

Perhaps one of the best preserved houses in Cuba is, without any doubt, Hostal  La Pérgola, excellent colonial house in the center of the city, restored a few years ago. The beauty and comfort of this casa particular make many visitors consider it “the best house in Cuba”.


It was the first village founded in Cuba by the Spaniards. It is a small but cozy north eastern Cuban place.

The tourist center of Baracoa is fascinating because of its proximity to the sea, while preserving the structure of the colonial city that was the first village founded in Cuba. An example showing the colonial characteristics of this city is Casa Anita.


 In the western province of Pinar del Rio, Viñales is a favorite for visitors for its unparalleled natural beauty spots. Among them the Mural de la Prehistoria, inside Viñales Valley, is a must-see site. Another very famous site is La Cueva del Indio: a cave among many in Viñales, with a wonderful interior river and cave drawings.

The vegetation, the view of the mountains (mogotes) and the surrounding area are the main attractions of Casa Dra. Maria Luisa, a large and beautiful casa particular located on the main street of Viñales town.

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