Havana accommodations and interesting places nearby Paseo del Prado 0

If you are looking for a Bed and Breakfast Cuba offers nice options for you. We have here what are called casas particulares. Don´t worry about the names, both are the same thing.

Visiting Cuba and not going to the emblematic neighborhood of Old Havana is like going to China and not walk along its Wall. If you are already in Old Havana, take a few minutes to walk along Paseo del Prado; for sure it won’t be in vain.

There are several Havana accommodations around Prado Avenue. They have benefited from the tourist splendor of the area and the urban renovation that has been carried out for several years. But let’s go step by step.

Paseo del Prado

Paseo del Prado avenue, officially called Paseo Martí in honor of the National Hero of Cuba, is a boulevard several blocks long that extends from Havana Promenade to the Parque de la Fraternidad and Fuente de la India. It began to be built in 1772, and very soon it became the preferred boulevard by the aristocratic families of Havana to build its elegant mansions.


Fuente de la India

At the beginning of the 20th century the Fuente de la India, the Central Park and the Telégrafo Hotel were erected at Paseo del Prado, iconic sites of the city at that time. All the area around the Central Park is jocularly known today as “Jurassic Park“, for the large number of “almendrones” – old Americans autos used as collective taxis- and horse-drawn carriages that park there.

The French landscape painter and architect, Jean-Claude Nicolás Forestier, remodeled it in 1928 with the aim of turning it into the social center of the city at that time.


Havana Capitol

In 1929, the National Capitol, seat of the House of Representatives and the Senate of Cuba, was built there until the revolutionary triumph. Since 1959 it has housed the Academy of Sciences, the Library of Science and Technology, the Museum of Natural History and is currently the seat of the National Popular Power Assembly. So many beautiful things have been said about the Capitol, that its facade could be papered with those writings. This grand building resembles St. Peter’s in Rome or Washington’s Capitol, for example, and houses one of the largest bronze statues in the world: The Republic.

Prado, the elegant street in Havana, is the most beautiful boulevard in the entire city. It’s full of marbles and houses several of the main museums of the area such as the National Museum of Fine Arts or the Museum of Music, and nearby are also some of the historic hotels of the capital such as Sevilla, the Plaza, the Central Park, or the Saratoga, and most recently the Grand Hotel Manzana Kempinski.


Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski

This area seems unreal, Havana accommodations are something else. Staying there you will part of its daily life. You´ll see children on their way to school, elders who gather to do morning exercises, local sellers of handicrafts, paintings, and much more. On this boulevard there are seats placed every few meters, which allows the visitor or the resident of the area to sit under the shade of the trees, and enjoy the breeze on a hot night. The artistic iron lampposts and the eight bronze guardian lions are also distinctive elements of the Prado.

There are also the Canarian, Asturian and Arab society headquarters, which integrate the descendants of these towns, and where visitors can find varied gastronomic offers. The Galician society is located on the beautiful building that is today the Gran Teatro de La Habana Alicia Alonso.

teatro 8This area looks like a postcard from the 50’s, or even before. But it is not. There is a constant movement that attests the tourist development and hectic local life.

One of the most famous street corners of this area is Prado and Neptuno. There harmonize hotels, restaurants, shops and, above all, groups of people who converse and walk through those Havana streets. A very famous song by Enrique Jorrín, a Cuban musician, and popularized by Aragón Orchestra, take place there. The name and lyrics are really funny: La Engañadora (The Cheater).

The life of this place is incredibly active despite its age and the evident deterioration of some buildings.

Casas Particulares at the Paseo del Prado

There are many Havana accommodations nearby Paseo del Prado. All of them have benefited from the remodeling of the old part of the city as well as the improvement of the local infrastructure, of which they are an active part.

The best casa particular Havana offers could be Casa del Prado. Tourist could stay in a casa particular in this area, as well as in one of its most recent and modern luxury hotels such as the Grand Packard hotel or the Paseo del Prado. From your own accommodation you will be able to see Cuban life pass before your eyes.

Casa particular Prado Colonial is located at #110 on this street. This Art Deco building is very close to the Museum of the Revolution and the Havana Promenade. Many tourists who have stayed there have been able to enjoy all the tourist and cultural facilities of the area.

casa del prado

Casa del Prado

Casa del Prado, on the first floor of the building located at Prado #66, is a very functional neo colonial house, completely renovated just 5 years ago. In this beautiful guests house the visitors integrate into the daily life of the area. From its wide terrace you can see a whole moving world. At present time, view from there has improved considerably since you can no longer see its old ruins but the very modern Hotel Grand Packard.


Chanel in Havana

Fashion lovers could enjoy, from La Terraza de Prado, the fashion parade of the Chanel cruise collection that took place in 2016. Guests then, with a “mojito” in one hand and a Habano Cigar in the other, and accompanied by the pleasant conversation of the host, Dr. Julio, enjoyed the show.

In the vicinity of this avenue are also other accommodations such as Hostal Balcones Consulado, on the corner of Colón and Consulado, casa particular Vista al Prado at Capdevila street just a few meters from Prado boulevard, and Consulado 13 Private Apartment, in the popular and busy Consulado street.

Staying in any of these casas particulares is like being inside the history; being part of it; live it.

vista al prado

View from Casa Particular Vista al Prado


From the Paseo del Prado you can get to know the city better, not only the tourist area, beautiful and well-groomed, but also the most deteriorated part of this city that still contains buildings that urgently need restoration.

That is how Havana is. This is a city where monumental buildings, as Capitol, coexist right next to a building almost in ruins. Walking its streets full of stories, takes us back centuries ago, to the colonial era, when ladies and gentlemen of those days were exhibited by their portals, or fell in love at the Acera del Louvre. The time machine,  started…