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To make a good plan to visit Havana is imperative if you have only a few days to know and enjoy the best events and the most interesting places of the city. In Havana is where there are more casas particulares, so, the best you can do is staying in hostels Havana. It is always a good option to get a piece of advice from experts and some tips from local people. You may select some of these activities and places to organize your journey:

Historical sites and interesting places

If you enjoy going around museums, historical sites and interesting places you can try some of these options:

  • Museum of the Revolutionmuseo de la revolucion

The Museum of the Revolution is located in Old Havana, collecting together a lot of materials related to the Cuban Revolution. It was created at the beginning of the revolutionary period. The museum is housed in what was the Presidential Palace of many Cuban presidents before the Revolution Triumph.

  • Museum of Fine Arts

Cuba has had a vibrant art culture, and this is best discovered at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (Fine Arts Museum) in Havana. This museum has 2 separated building:

One of the buildings is completely dedicated to Cuban artworks; that heritage of Cuban plastic arts testifies the symbolic production carried out in the island from the 17th century until the present time, through paintings, sculptures, drawings and engravings.  

The second building is dedicated to universal fine arts. It gathers paintings, sculptures, engravings and drawings of five big geographical-cultural areas. The European paintings are the most numerous.  

  • Cristobal Colon cemeterycementerio de colon

This necropolis has been declared National Monument. In words of history and architecture, this is one of the most extraordinary cemeteries in the world and is the most important domestic cemetery in the Cuban island. It is noted for its many monuments sculpted in detail.

  • Gran Teatro de la Habana “Alicia Alonso”

It is one of the most important theatres in Havana, located in a famous avenue of the city, Prado Avenue. It was originally built as a social center for the Galician community. It is today the principal presentation center of Cuban National Ballet. The building also gives place to a concert hall, conference rooms, an art gallery, a choral centre, and several rehearsal halls.

  • Capitolio Nacionalcapitolio 2

El Capitolio, or National Capitol Building, in Havana, the former seat of national legislatures in Cuba until the Cuban Revolution in 1959. This impressive building contains a huge statue of the Republic located in the hall. The surrounding gardens and the sumptuous interior enclose the magnificent dome. The building is currently used as the home of Cuba’s National Assembly.

  • Plaza de Armas

This is the oldest square in Havana and was formally founded in 1519, and it’s well worth a visit. There are gardens around the square, which make it a pleasant place. There is also a daily secondhand book market in the square.

  • Cathedral of  San Cristóbal de La Habana

The most spectacular religious building of them all in Havana has to be the Cathedral of San Cristobal. The Cathedral’s front elevation has asymmetrical bell towers. It has a baroque facade and in front of the building there is a square (Cathedral square), also one of the most beautiful and glorious places in Old Havana

  • Morro Castle

Morro Castle is a fortress built o guard the entrance to Havana Bay. The fortress was built in the 16th century and its headlight is one of the main symbols of Havana.  It is today a museum of underwater archaeological exhibition, dungeons, guns, and batteries.

  • Plaza Vieja (Old Square)

Plaza Vieja, one of the most important and popular plazas located in Old Havana. The square dates back to the 16th century, so there are many old beautiful buildings around the square, and also many cafes.


Before leaving Cuba, you will no doubt want to take back some souvenirs. You can get a perfect choice in any of these attractive locations:

  • Almacenes San Jose

The handicrafts culture in Cuba has grown a lot over the last decades, and in this market, named Almacenes San Jose, you’ll find belts, shoes, bags, ceramics, paintings, and much more. It is the best place for handicrafts shopping.

  • La Casa del Habanola casa del habano

Cuba is more than just a little bit famous for the quality of its cigars. The cigar shop with the best reputation is La Casa del Habano.  The staff is extremely knowledgeable and can select the very best cigar for you. There is even a cigar lounge inside where you can enjoy a cigar.

  • Casa del Chocolate

This place has some intriguing artifacts relating to the history of chocolate production in Cuba. This museum also houses a permanent exhibition of porcelain chocolate cups from many countries. There you can watch the process of manufacturing chocolates while you taste a warming cup of hot chocolate or a good glass of cold chocolate.

To have fun

If it is you plan to have fun during your stay you have some options that you cannot miss:

  • Callejón de Hamel

One of the favorite places for dancing in Havana is at the Callejon de Hamel, a colorful and small street that attracts a fun loving crowd who love to dance the rumba all through the night. The place is the contact point of artists, musicians and intellectuals and the motor of the cultural life in Center Havana.

  • Floridita Bar

el floriditaThis bar founded in 1817 was made worldwide famous thanks to the writer and journalist Ernest Hemingway who used to visit it regularly. Their slogan is “The cradle of the daiquirí” and the own Hemingway increased its fame with a sentence that attracted tourists of the whole planet: “My mojito in La Bodeguita, my daiquirí in The Floridita”. This writer ended up becoming the main tourist attractiveness for visitors that came up from all over the world to visit this place. A statue of a Hemingway at the end of the bar is the great attraction of the place.

  • The Factory of Cuban Art  

The Factory of Cuban Art is an art gallery and club in Havana. It’s a place where all of the arts intersect: fashion shows, pieces of experimental dance, music and in the cafe you can always find people debating the arts culture of Cuba. The gallery and the scenario of Factory settled down inside an old factory of kitchen oil. It is today one of the most important cultural spaces in Havana.

  • Tropicana Cabaret

Tropicana la Habana

The most popular show and club night in the city of Havana is the Tropicana Club. This club has been entertaining the masses in Cuba since 1939, and these days you can still expect the most lavish costumes, spectacular dance routines, and pumping live music.

  • Microbrewery in Havana

Havana also has its very own microbrewery called La Factoria Plaza Vieja, which you are very welcome to visit. The freshly made beer tastes great on a hot day in Cuba, and there is also barbecued chicken available, which makes it go down even better.

  • Coppelia

What better way to cool down with creamy ice cream? There, in Coppelia, you’ll a great ice cream. This place was opened in 1966 and has been extremely popular ever since. Since you can pay in the local currency, the ice cream is very cheap, and the sharing tables offer the perfect opportunity to make local friends.


If you make your trip to coincide with some of these events it will be for sure a terrific trip:

  • International Ballet Festival

If you do love a ballet show, you will be delighted during the International Ballet Festival in Havana, which is hosted every two years in the Grand Theatre of Havana and other Cuba theatres. Ballet companies from all over the world are invited to perform, and it’s one of the most important festivals on the Cuban cultural calendar.

  • Havana Art Biennial

If you are an art lover, you will enjoy the Havana Art Biennial. This annual event was created in 1984 and is still going strong today, with many artists from around the world being invited to showcase the works at the biennial, which takes place each year in November. If you are looking for an original piece of artwork to take home with you, this would be the perfect place to make a purchase.

  • Havana Internacional Crafts Fair  

In the Havana International Crafts Fair, you can buy and take back something really special with you. This fair usually takes place at the beginning of December, and many craftspeople exhibit and sell their pieces. This means that whether you want jewelry, candles, original artwork, or ceramics, there will be something special for you.

The right accommodation

It is very important to select the correct location to stay during your trip to Havana:

  • Staying in Cuba: Hostels Havana

La Casa del Chef -Rolando y Marisol

La Casa del Chef -Rolando y Marisol

To enjoy your trip much more, it is advisable to book suitable hostels in Cuba in well locations. If you are looking for the best sites and good hostels Havana is the answer. There are a lot of good options with diverse styles: from houses built during the colonial period to modern buildings in modern locations.Hostel casa de Ania You can stay in a private lodging or you can better get in contact with the Cuban culture and local food, choosing a house with the Cuban family.

If you google “cheap accommodation Havanayou will probably get good accommodation options. However, we will give you our recommendations. Some of the hostals we can recommend is La Casa del Chef-Rolando y Marisol, where you can taste such an incredible number of Cuban dishes made by the host and his family. Hostel Mango Habana Vieja, in Old Havana, and Hostel Casa Ania, in Havana Center, both are hostels where you will feel like if you were home.

Final words

During your trip, you can’t miss the chance of staying in the best hostels Havana. If you also select some of the suggestions we have offered before, you will have a great experience, once you get in contact with Havana, this wonderful city officially recognized as one of the New7Wonders Cities in May 2015.