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Casa Particular Organization ( Reader-recommended website for pre-booking private rooms.

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The Casa Particular Cuba organization is the result of the idea of several Cuban families to get together to promote our homes for rent by offering this service through the Web. This service has been successfully offered since September 1999 when it started with a set of separate websites for each casa. Later we decided to join efforts into a single collective website for our association where each member would contribute with a small monthly fee to support operation costs.

What we enjoy doing

  • Helping travelers, willing to learn about our country, to book easily private accommodations in casas of our association.
  • Helping with the plan of the trip and giving advices about things to do and places to visit when traveling around the country.
  • Specializing in getting to know the situation of each of our families for guaranteeing excellent attention and quality of service.


Since the very beginning, we have counted on the help of several friends abroad for hosting, building and promoting our website as well as advices of how to improve it in order to offer a better service. They have continuously given us support and the help of new friends will always be welcomed. Please, feel free to use the feedback form for any comments regarding our website.

We would like specially to thank:

From Canada

  • Ms. Allison Algaier for her expert collaboration at the start of our service
  • Cary Bennett one of our earlier clients who has already come several times to Cuba (his last time on 2002)

From UK

  • Lorraine Estelle who came on December, 02 and visited several cities with her daughter and another british family, the Piggots.
  • Nigel Hunt a young entrepreneur whose great work to help Cuba and cubans and his useful websites has been a continuous source of inspiration for us.
  • Mr. Joe Prem who is now living more in Cuba than in UK as he's started businesses in Cuba. Check his Cuba Eco Sailing website if you know someone interested in ecotourism and sailing tours in Cuba.

From other countries

  • Mr. Tanaka Masahiko from Japan who has been coming to Havana every year now.
  • Anne Grethe Larsen from Norway, visited on March, 03 and has already been interviewed by a Norwegian broadcasting program called "God Tur" about Cuba and Casa Particular. Thanks, Anne !

There have been clients who have also become our friends and have benefited us with their wise advices to make our service work better. We will be updating this list with their names once we get their approval. In the meantime, let our inmense gratitude reach them all.

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